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Finally, You’ll Uncover The 6 Secrets the World’s Best Female Hockey Stars Use To Dominate EVERY Game in the Regular Season and Peak for a Championship Playoff Run

Finally…The 6 Secrets of Having Your Best Season Ever Are Revealed! 

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Have you been searching for ways to help your players take their game to the next level this season? If you are looking for complete program that meets all the needs of aspiring young female hockey players, then you’ve found the key to unlocking your best hockey season ever.

Here’s why:

My name is Kim McCullough and I specialize in the development of female hockey players. In addition to having played the highest level of women’s hockey in the world for the last decade, I have also trained, coached and consulted with over 1500 players and 300 coaches, from novice to National teams, on how to take their on-ice performance to the next level simply, safely and effectively.

Let’s face it – your on-ice ability is critical to becoming a great player.

But it is what you do away from the ice that really make you stand out in the crowd.

In order to set yourself apart from your competition, you have to:

Be mentally prepared for every game.

Eat right so you can perform your best.

Be physically prepared for every game.

Get stronger and faster as the season continues.

Peak in time for big tournaments and playoffs.

Avoid injury and burn-out.

There are 6 pieces of the player development puzzle that you must fit in with your on-ice development if you want to guarantee that you will have your best season ever.

Any program out there that is focused on only one piece of this player development puzzle is one thing and one thing only…INCOMPLETE!

Having your best season ever is all about consistently doing these 6 “little” things that make a HUGE difference in your performance and success.

It’s NOT about…

Adding hours of training to your already hectic schedule

Using the latest high-tech training gimmicks

Finding some quick-fix training program

You can take your performance to the next level this season if you just pay attention to these six “little” details.

Now I know what you are thinking.

“This all sounds great but…How Am I Going To Fit All of This In?”

It’s all fine and good to know what you should be putting into your season plan, but it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know how to put it all together.

You Have Just Discovered THE Complete In-Season Training System That Reveals the 6 Keys to Unlocking Your Potential and Shows You Exactly How To Put The Entire Peak Performance Puzzle Together

The Best Hockey Season Ever System
includes these 6 Secrets of In-Season Success:

Mental: Focus, composure and confidence-building strategies that will completely transform the way you prepare for games and will take your performance through the roof.

Nutrition: A female-specific, hockey-specific nutrition program that will give you tips and strategies you can start using immediately at your home, the rink or the drive-thru.

Off-Ice Training: Eight incredible speed and strength training workouts that are guaranteed to make players faster and stronger in February than they were in September.

Warm-Ups: A step-by-step warm-up that will show you exactly how to be 100% prepared both physically and mentally each time you head out on the ice.

Conditioning: A 3-step on-ice conditioning program that will take your hockey-specific conditioning to the next level.

Recovery: The most complete recovery program available with detailed guidelines on how to guarantee you play and feel their best all season long.

You know that you have to warm-up before practices and games in order to perform your best. But sometimes traffic doesn’t cooperate and you find yourself with only 15 minutes to get ready before hitting the ice. You might be inclined to say, “I haven’t got time for the whole routine so I’ll just scrap it.”

No big deal, right?

You know that you should stretch after you get off the ice. But at the end of a long day, the last thing that you want to do is wait around another 10 minutes at the end of a game to cool-down and stretch. So you rush out of the rink and say, “I’ll just stretch at home.”

Sound familiar?

You can’t take the “little” things for granted – because they all add up.

These are the “little” choices that make a HUGE difference in your performance.

You tell yourself, “I’ll stretch tomorrow. I am too tired tonight”. But then you always end up feeling more sore the next day. Or, “I don’t have enough time to warm-up. I’d rather sit in the room and talk to my friends”. But then you don’t perform as well as you did when you get moving before hitting the ice.

Let’s face it – no one gets excited about warming up and stretching – especially when it has to be done in the narrow hallways of the rink or in the cramped quarters of the dressing room. Even though you know you will perform better out on the ice and feel better heading home from the rink, you may not make the time.

You might say, “I’ll start eating better next week” or, “I’ll make sure to be focused when we play in the important games”. You may think that, “I’ll just work my way into shape as the season continues” or that, “I don’t have any time to train off the ice”.

But that’s not how you become great.

Making the time to take your performance to the next level isn’t as hard as you think.

Discover How You Can Become The Best Player On The Ice With Super-Quick Training Sessions and Highly-Effective Peak Performance Strategies You Can Use At The Rink Before and After Games and During Practices.

You can make a few “little” adjustments to your current plan that will make a HUGE difference in the way that you feel and perform.

You need 10 minutes to warm-up before hitting the ice…

Plus 10 minutes to stretch afterwards…

Add in a 10 minute on-ice conditioning session at the end of practice…

Plus 20 minutes to do an off-ice strength training session…

Add in a few minutes per day to make better nutrition choices and work on the mental side of your game…

Could you find an extra 30 minutes or so to fit these critical pieces of the puzzle into your in-season program if you knew they will make the difference between a great season and a mediocre one?

Take Advantage of Your Opportunity To Put Yourself Miles Ahead of Your Competition And Widen The Gap As The Season Continues

Picture yourself raising the championship trophy overhead and imagine how amazing you and your team will feel when you have achieved all your goals for the season (and then some) without sacrificing more precious time away from family, school or friends.


Get Your Hands On a Training System So Revolutionary That Other Coaches, Parents and Players Will Beg To Borrow It and Your Competition Will Wish That You Never Found It.

Have You Got Your Success System in Place for This Season?

Do you have focusing and confidence-building strategies in place that will help you perform your best day after day?


Do you know which foods will fuel your performance and which ones will ruin it?


Do you have pre-game routines in place that will ensure you will perform better?


Do you have post-game routines in place that will ensure you will recover better and play your best day in and day out?


Do you know how to develop overtime-dominating conditioning in the last 10 minutes of practice?


Do you know you can get stronger and faster all season long without hitting the gym?

Take the guesswork out of taking your performance to the next level and start using a system that will leave the competition in your dust.

Introducing the…

Best Hockey Season Ever System

The ONLY Step-By-Step In-Season Success System For Complete Player Development

The Best Hockey Season Ever System addresses all 6 critical areas of player development:

Success Secret #1:

The Mental Game

In order to perform your best game after game, you need to be able to focus on the task at hand and be confident in your ability to execute. You may have tried visualization and imagery exercises before, but if you are like me, you have probably found that it just doesn°òt seem to work.

In The Mental Game, Rita Wyczynski and I will give you focus, composure and confidence-building strategies that will completely transform the way you prepare for games. These strategies have been used successfully at all levels of hockey and will help you to take your confidence and performance through the roof.



Success Secret #2:

Game-Winning Nutrition

Trying to figure out what to eat (and drink) to fuel your best performance can be a huge challenge. There is so much conflicting information out there in the news about what you should and shouldn’t be eating. And specific information about what young female hockey players should eat is no where to be found. Proper nutrition can be the difference between a mediocre performance and your best game ever.

In Game Winning Nutrition, Cathy Williamson and Rita Wyczynski have created a step-by-step hockey-specific nutrition program that will give you tips, tricks, programs and plans that you can start using immediately at the grocery store, rink snack bar and drive-thru to maximize your on-ice performance.



Success Secret #3:

On-Ice Conditioning

Determining how to develop on-ice fitness for hockey can be confusing. We always seem to fall back on the drills we are familiar with, but are we covering all the critical aspects of on-ice fitness that are required for peak performance?

In On-Ice Conditioning, I will show you exactly which three conditioning drills your players should be doing maximize their on-ice performance. I will take you through an entire in-season conditioning program that will take you less than 10 minutes to perform per practice and will have your players in peak condition once playoff time rolls around.




Success Secret #4:

Off-Ice Training

Most players don’t address off-ice training during the year – and lose a huge opportunity to dramatically increase their on-ice performance. Many players would love to work on developing their speed and strength in season, but don’t have the time or money to travel to an expensive and inconvenient training facility.

In Off-Ice Training, I will show you exactly how you can develop game-breaking speed and battle-winning strength throughout the season with 30 minute routines that can be done anywhere, anytime.




Success Secret #5:

Total Hockey Warm-Up

Warming-up properly is the single most important thing a player and team can do to prepare themselves both physically and mentally for the ice. Although players are starting to do warm-ups, most of those routines are incomplete – and some are just plain unsafe. Are you going through all the three crucial stages of warm-up? Are you focusing on the wrong kind of stretching beforehand? Are you optimally preparing both your body and mind before hitting the ice? All these details can make a HUGE difference on how you feel and perform.

In Total Hockey Warm-Up, I will show you exactly how you and your team can do the PERFECT warm-up no matter how much time or space you have available.




Success Secret #6:

Total Hockey Recovery

Far too many hockey players will suffer from injuries and burn-out this season – and, the worst part is that, the vast majority of these are completely preventable. Having a proper post-game recovery routine in place, including cool-down, stretching, hydration and nutrition strategies, will ensure that you feel and play your best day after day.

In Total Hockey Recovery, Cathy, Rita and I will show you exactly how to cool- down effectively, how to perform the right stretches properly, and how to refuel and rehydrate quickly.


The Best Hockey Season Ever System is the combined result of:

  • over 6 years of University study (including a Master’s degree where I studied the athletic development of elite players from the NHL and Women’s National team)
  • working alongside and learning from 5 of the most world-renowned strength and conditioning coaches in the world
  • a decade of hands-on experience working directly with over 1500 young female hockey players, 300 coaches and 100 teams.
  • playing over 400 games at the highest levels of women’s hockey
  • learning about and trying out every single player development strategy on myself and my athletes in my never-ending quest to develop the best players possible.

I absolutely love working with kids and giving back to the world of female hockey that have given me so much. I would have never had the opportunity to tryout for the National Team, get a scholarship, play for the National Championships or play in the best women’s hockey league in the world, without the support of all the amazing coaches I had when I was a young player.

The Guru of Athlete Development names Kim as

“One of the Greatest Youth Coaches in the World”

“I had the honour of training Kim back in the mid-90’s when she was a talented young hockey player – full of ambition, drive and passion. Over ten years and thousands of athletes later, Kim remains as the most memorable young athlete I ever had the pleasure of working with.

It is the same qualities she possesses athletically that make her one of the greatest youth coaches in the world today. Kim’s intelligence is beyond impressive and she aspires to learn as much about both the philosophical aspects of coaching, as well as the scientific aspects of conditioning, on a level that is equal or greater than any coach I currently know throughout my entire international network. The ambition, drive and passion that she exhibits as an athlete and the intelligence and conscientiousness that she carries through her professional pursuits are truly inspiring.

To be trained and coached by Kim should be viewed as nothing less than an absolute honour.”

Brian Grasso

Executive Director & Founder, International Youth Conditioning Association


Every single young female player deserves to have every possible opportunity to reach all of her goals and play to her fullest potential.


I am committed to helping to make the dreams of all young female players a reality. I have dedicated the last decade to learning everything about how to best develop young female hockey players. I have been privileged to work with players from all over the world, from girls starting out in house-league to women playing for their National Teams.

That’s why I am: ‘The Female Player Development Pro’.


I know, anyone out there can claim that they are an ‘expert’.

You need to know that the information you are getting comes from a credible person who has a proven track record of success.

I can guarantee you that there is no one else who has the unique blend of playing, coaching, training and learning experience that I have.

Girls’ hockey associations across North America bring me in to show their coaches, trainers and parents how to develop the most complete female hockey players possible.

Here are just some of the organizations I have consulted and worked with:

• Ontario Women’s Hockey Association

• McMaster University

• York University

• Girls Hockey Calgary

• Leaside Wildcats Girls’ Hockey Association

• Scarborough Sharks Girls’ Hockey Association

• Belle Tire Girls’ Hockey Association

• Napanee Girls’ Hockey Association


Helps Players Be Their Best and Win Championship


“Kim’s innovative warm-up and on-ice drills were beneficial and, most importantly at the Atom level – FUN! Kim helped us be our best and win the Lower Lakes League Championship. The players, parents, coaches and I are excited to have Kim involved with our team again this season.”

Andy MacCullouch, Head Coach, Toronto Leaside Wildcats Peewee B Team




“Provincial Champions Build Speed, Strength &

Learn How To Get In-Shape For The Season”


“Kim revealed new ideas about player development that will help us take our team’s performance to the next level. The fact that Kim is an elite player and coach really shows through in the program. We can’t wait to get started on another great year.”


Patrick Carew, Assistant Coach

Scarborough Sharks Atom B Team

2008 Novice C Provincial Champions




Team of “Under-Agers” Over-Achieves in Pre-Season Tournament


“We were looking for a sport-specific training plan for our team – and we found exactly what we were looking for…Your program, mixed with the hard work and dedication of our players, allowed us to finish as runners-up in our pre-season tournament against players 2 or 3 years older. We can’t wait to see what happens once the new season begins.”


Ed Belcrest, Strength and Conditioning Coach,

Belle Tire 16U AAA Hockey Team




An amazing resource for players, coaches and parents!


“As a high-performance coach, I have been privileged to work with many elite athletes throughout my career and the exercises included in this program are the same or similar to those used in university, national team and NHL training programs. I highly recommend Kim’s programs to any player and team looking to reach the next level – and beyond.”

Dan Church

Head Coach, York University Lions Women’s Ice Hockey Team



Here is your chance to access all of the information that I share with coaches, parents and players at these seminars for a fraction of the cost.


As you might imagine, it is not cheap to have me out to speak to your team or association. A single day of teaching and training with 50, 100 or 200 coaches, parents and players could cost you between $2000-3000. I know that most people don’t have a few extra thousand dollars burning a hole in their pocket.

I have taken everything I have learned from my own training experience, my time spent with the world’s experts in athlete development and my own research with elite players and created a hockey-specific training program designed specifically to meet the needs of all young female hockey players. This program wasn’t designed by some ex-pro men’s player with no qualification for training (other than the fact he played pro – of course) and no idea how to address the specific needs of young female hockey players.

I can promise you that the Best Hockey Season Ever System is exactly what you have been looking for and is the best product available for you and your team.


How much do you think this proven in-season training program would cost you?






The Best Hockey Season Ever System is worth at least 10 times that!


I can ensure you that the strategies and training sessions in the Best Hockey Season Ever System are the exact ones that I use when I work one-on-one with players, coaches and teams.

Ideally, I would be able to work with every young player and team in-person, but geography and logistics usually get in the way. A single 45 minute group training session costs at least $100. Doing that once or twice a week for all 28 weeks of the season adds up to between $3000-6000 for the season. And that’s if you bring the entire group to downtown Toronto.

You may not be able to work directly with me on a daily basis, but I still want you to get all of the same benefits. Your team and players deserve to have every opportunity to become the best this season and I want to help you get there.

How about an in-season training system that is worth many times more in value than you’ll pay in cash?


How many products will give you that kind of guarantee?

I have charged as much as $1000 for Best Hockey Season Ever System in the past.

And it is worth every penny.

But I want every single coach and every single young female hockey player to have access this information so that they can start taking their team to the next level and developing into best players possible TODAY!

When you order today, you will receive the entire Best Hockey Season Ever System

for only $147.00.

If you are ready to get started, click here to place your order now!

But I still have more to offer you…


Over $750 in FREE and incredibly valuable bonuses!


For a limited time, I am offering you 2 amazing bonuses that take your Best Hockey Season Ever System to a completely different level. Over and above getting the 6 key pieces of the player development puzzle, you will get 2 more opportunities to transform this single system into your own personalized success program.


Best Hockey Season Ever BONUS #1:

Step-By-Step In-Season Training Plan ($500 value)

Not only am I going to give you all the information about how to prepare, eat, warmup, stretch and condition for hockey, I am going to give you a complete in-season success plan that will show you exactly how to put all of the pieces together. I will take all of the guesswork out of trying to figure out what to do and at what time and give you a format to follow that you can easily adapt to your own individual needs.



Best Hockey Season Ever


Player-Specific Performance Plan ($250 value)

I am also going to give you a step-by-step workbook for the Best Hockey Season Ever System specifically designed to be used by players throughout the season.

This workbook includes all of the aspects of the mental training, nutrition, warm-up and recovery programs that are most critical for players – in an easy-to-follow format.

PLUS – I have also included a personal hockey-specific strength training program that they can do on their own without any equipment.

With this workbook in hand, players will have everything they need to take their game to the next level this season.



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This is your chance to take your performance to the next level and guarantee your team’s best season ever.


Try the Best Hockey Season Ever System for 16 Full Weeks

With a No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee


“Test Drive” the Best Hockey Season Ever System for the next 16 weeks with absolutely no risk. See for yourself how much better your team can get. You are completely protected by our iron clad 100% money back guarantee.

You will not only be satisfied, I guarantee you will be thrilled with the program, or you can simply email me and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassle, no questions asked, 100% refund.

In fact, if you’re not completely happy for any reason whatsoever, then I insist that you ask for a refund. However, after seeing so many players and teams take their performance to the next level by using this complete in-season program, I’m totally confident that you and your players are going to love this program and the results you see.

The Best Hockey Season Ever System has worked for thousands of players and teams and it will work for you too, or you can keep the program for FREE, it’s as simple as that. All you have to do is click on the link below to order and I promise you that you are going to be thrilled with the increased performance of your players both on and off the ice.



Kim McCullough, MSc, YCS

Author, Best Hockey Season Ever System

Founder, Total Female Hockey

P.S. There is NO RISK at all for you and your daughter to try out the Best Hockey Season Ever System. If you aren’t thrilled with the increased performance and confidence levels your players experience from using this complete in-season success system in 16 weeks, let us know and we’ll refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. The Best Hockey Season Ever System is trusted by parents, coaches and players all over the world, and I guarantee it will work for you too!

P.P.S If you are tired of searching for ways to leave the competition in your dust this season, only to find that there are so many options out there that all require you to spend more time than you have available and more money than is in your budget and then don’t even meet all of your players’ specific needs, then the Best Hockey Season Ever System is for you. I guarantee you it will help you and your team take your performance to a whole new level – in just 20 minutes a day. If it doesn’t, just ask for your money back.

P.P.P.S There’s only one catch to all of this. I’ve put together this bonus package to help launch the Best Hockey Season Ever System to the entire world, and I can’t guarantee how long the bonuses will be available. You need to act now to get complete access to the bonuses and have the Best Hockey Season Ever System individualized for your players and team. Order now so you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to have a personalized plan for your best season ever.


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