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Want More. Do More. 3 Tips

[ posted by Kim on 10th of January, 2017 ]

I’ll tell you a little secret. If you just show up at the rink and do what all the other players on your team do, you’ll end up the same as them. Which is fine, but it doesn’t set you apart. I tell players this all the time – if you want more, you have […]

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Are You Really Committed?

[ posted by Kim on 21st of July, 2016 ]

I grew up in downtown Toronto and I took the subway everywhere. To school. To training. To my friends’ houses.  And to the rink. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Toronto subway system, here are a few critical details you need to know.  It is busy all the time and it doesn’t […]

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4 More Ways To Get Better This Summer

[ posted by Kim on 6th of July, 2016 ]

Since the season ended in April, I’ve been off the ice taking care of our newborn and enjoying family time. Last night, we kicked off our Total Female Hockey summer training so I’m back in full ‘hockey mode’. A few weeks back, I shared 4 pieces of advice with you to help kick start your […]

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