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Summer Camp Schedule Released

[ posted by Kim on 21st of January, 2016 ]

We’ve just posted our 2016 Total Female Hockey Summer Camp Schedule. We are offering 2 four-day camps in August as well as weekly training sessions throughout July and August. Check out all the details below:   2016 SUMMER CAMP SCHEDULE:   AUGUST ELITE SKILLS CAMP: 4 Day Camp Dates: Monday August 8th through Thursday August […]

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The 10,000 Hour Rule In Girls Hockey

[ posted by Kim on 29th of July, 2015 ]

How young is too young for players to start getting serious about playing at the elite level of women’s hockey? Is 15 too young?  How about 10? 7 years old is definitely too young, isn’t it? If an aspiring player’s goal is to play in the Olympics, it might not be. When it comes to […]

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Pros & Cons of Summer Hockey

[ posted by Kim on 4th of June, 2015 ]

Throughout April and May, I get a lot of emails & calls about “spring/summer hockey”. I’m sure we could debate for hours about the value of playing on a spring/summer hockey team. There is no doubt that playing in spring and summer tournaments is FUN.   It’s a welcome change from the focused intensity of the […]

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