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And I know why you're here - you're looking for information & inspiration to take your game to the next level. That's why I started Total Female Hockey in the first place - because I didn't have the information and inspiration I needed as a young female hockey player to succeed. So I created a place where you can find everything you need to become the best. Whether you come to our camps, read our articles, watch our videos, use our training programs or have just come here for the first time, you're a part of our Total Female Hockey community and I'm here to help.

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What Makes You Stand Out To College Coaches

Here’s a short little clip from a seminar I ran last week for aspiring college hockey players where I walked them through the whole college hockey recruiting process.  The full seminar was 2 hours, so this is just a little sample.  Enjoy and feel free to pass it along to any other players, parents, and […]

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#1 Piece of Advice About The Recruiting Process

I just realized the other day that I graduated from university 15 years ago. So while I’ve been through the college hockey recruiting process myself, it’s been a while. When I talk to players, parents and teams about this topic, I always tell them how important it is to speak to players who have gone […]

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A Different Kind Of Scholarship

I had a phenomenal college hockey experience. I found the perfect fit for me academically and athletically and my teammates have become lifelong friends. Some of us coach, many of us have kids (and hopefully future hockey players) and most of us are still involved in some way with the female game. One of those […]

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