What Great Stickhandlers Do

Your ability to stickhandle effectively is a key skill that can really make you stand out in girls’ hockey. And it’s important to note that stickhandling isn’t all about having the fanciest moves on the ice.  It’s about being able to beat people 1-on-1 while maintaining control of the puck.  It’s about maximizing the distance […]

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#1 Difference Between Girls and Boys Hockey Players

By far the biggest difference between boys and girls hockey players is confidence. Boys tend to be over-confident in their abilities. When a boy goes out and scores a goal, he walks around the next day thinking he is a bit of a “hot-shot”. This isn’t a bad thing at all - it’s great to […]

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Big Announcement, Special Offer

First off all, the BIG announcement… … My husband and I are expecting our 1st child in one month! So to help celebrate this joyous event in our lives, I wanted to extend a special offer to you to thank you for being a loyal member of the Total Female Hockey community. For the next […]

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