1 Shooting Secret To Start The Season

Now that it’s September, I wanted to share 1 little on-ice secret that is going to help you have a great start to your season. ::: SHOOTING – Making The Goalie Adjust :::
 Elite players all keep their feet moving, with the puck on their forehand side (not straight out in front of them), when […]

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Are You A “Real” Hockey Player?

  A ‘real’ hockey player eats, sleeps and breathes hockey.   They have other interests too. They probably play a few other sports and find time to spend with friends and family. But they have a ‘hockey first’ mentality.If the opportunity to hit the ice arises, they are always going to lace up the skates. […]

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What Great Stickhandlers Do

Your ability to stickhandle effectively is a key skill that can really make you stand out in girls’ hockey. And it’s important to note that stickhandling isn’t all about having the fanciest moves on the ice.  It’s about being able to beat people 1-on-1 while maintaining control of the puck.  It’s about maximizing the distance […]

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