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And I know why you're here - you're looking for information & inspiration to take your game to the next level. That's why I started Total Female Hockey in the first place - because I didn't have the information and inspiration I needed as a young female hockey player to succeed. So I created a place where you can find everything you need to become the best. Whether you come to our camps, read our articles, watch our videos, use our training programs or have just come here for the first time, you're a part of our Total Female Hockey community and I'm here to help.

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The 10,000 Hour Rule In Girls Hockey

How young is too young for players to start getting serious about playing at the elite level of women’s hockey? Is 15 too young?  How about 10? 7 years old is definitely too young, isn’t it? If an aspiring player’s goal is to play in the Olympics, it might not be. When it comes to […]

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3 As of Hockey Scholarships

July is a busy month for college hockey recruiting around here. There will be plenty of scouts watching the 160 players attending the provincial tryout camps that start here in Toronto tomorrow and there will be even more at the big showcase tournament later this month in Boston. One of the most common questions I […]

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How Often Do You Touch The Puck?

Puck possession stats have become all the rage in hockey. The amount of time your team has the puck seems to correlate pretty well with the chance of your team winning the game… … except, of course, when it doesn’t. We can debate the importance of keeping this team stat until we’re blue in the […]

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