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[ posted by Kim on 13th of December, 2017 ]

Over the past 9 years, I’ve written over 600 articles to help you get better.
Let’s be honest, not all of them were life-changing,  but I know that many
of them have had a significant impact on you, your teammates & coaches.


So I’ve taken the “best of the best” and put them together into the


::: Here’s a short list of some of the articles that made the cut :::

5 Mistakes That Drive Coaches Crazy
#1 Difference Between Girl & Boy Hockey Players
2 Keys To Peaking In The Playoffs
7 Skills That Every Player Can Improve On
What Most Girls Hockey Players Won’t Do
The 5 Player Rule In Girls Hockey
The 3As of College Hockey Scholarships
#1 Injury In Girls Hockey
3 Key Nutrition Tips for Girls Hockey Players
How Girls Hockey Players Can Do 29 Chin-Ups
The Most Dangerous 4 Letter Word In Girls Hockey
3 Slap-Shot Sins In Girls Hockey
The Blame Game In Girls Hockey
Why You Want To Shoot Like A Guy
#1 Confidence KILLER In Girls Hockey


The amount of information & inspiration that is jam-packed into the
over 60 articles and 102 pages in this book is truly remarkable.

You’ll find each of these articles in the Total Female Hockey SUCCESS SECRETS Book.
which is available for the next 3 days ONLY for the special price of $14.97.

And as a ‘HOLIDAY BONUS’, I’ve added 22 more of the most popular articles I’ve written including:

Why You Need A New Stick
How To Take The Perfect Shot
5 Deal Breakers For Scouts
#1 Reason Your Snapshot Sucks
Game Sense 101
The Truth About Shots On Net
8 Secrets For Scoring More Goals

If you’re a player, coach or parent looking to take your game to the next level this holiday season,
you’re going to get all the information & inspiration you could need in these pages.

And this is the perfect gift for that player, parent or coach that loves the game and is always looking
for that edge that will set them apart from the competition.


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Work Hard. Dream BIG.


Your friend and coach,



Kim McCullough, MSc, YCS
Director & Founder, Total Female Hockey






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