I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Kim during her summer training program both on-ice and off-ice. The off-ice program was rigorous, but a lot of fun. Always working the athletes to the point of exhaustion and making us push our limits just a little bit further every session. Kim knows just how far to push athletes to help them reach their full potential. Although workouts were tough, they were always fun, Kim knows how to keep the workouts serious but light hearted. On-ice was always helpful, working on individual skills and conditioning. Most players don’t get the opportunity to work on their individual skills during team practices; Kim gives every player the confidence and opportunity to succeed. I saw my individual game skyrocket to new potentials this year. Playing for Norwich University, NCAA Division III, I lead the nation in goals (30), second overall in points (44), was the ECAC East Player of the Year, the only Junior to be  a Laura Hurd Finalist for NCAA Division III Player of the Year, as well as a First Team All-American. I can’t thank you enough for everything  you’ve done for me Kim!

Tori Charron

NCAA All-American, Norwich University


My daughter has been training with Total Female Hockey and Kim McCullough for 4 years. When she first met Kim her passion for hockey far exceeded her skill but Kim recognized that with the right encouragement she could take good to great. She has attended as many of Kim`s camps and training days as she could possibly manage. Kim has taught her how to get the most out of herself every day.  The on ice training has improved her skills and her game sense incredibly while the intense off-ice program has given her the ability to skate and compete longer, harder and faster. Kim`s own personal experience motivates the girls because they relate to her on their level. It is now a regular occurrence in our house to hear the words `Kim said’ or ‘Kim showed me’ out of my daughters mouth when discussing hockey, training and nutrition. Thanks to Kim’s encouragement, off-ice conditioning and on-ice coaching, my daughter has gone from a good solid hockey player to a top level player in her age group!

Parent of a Midget AA player



I worked with Kim McCullough through PEAC for two years. I was on and off the ice with Kim every day at PEAC and participated in countless Total Female Hockey camps. Kim taught me things that I never knew about the female hockey world and was a huge help in getting me to become a successful player at the next level. Too many times was I told that I was too small; working with Kim helped me become physically stronger through daily workouts and countless nutrition tips. She also helped me gain confidence and improve all of my on-ice skills. My slap and snap shots both improved tremendously and I now confidently use both in games. I used to fear winding up for a slap shot thinking it would barely float to the net. And my snap shot is a great help in close to the net. My edge work continued to improve and because of it I see my skating as one of the biggest strengths of my games. Thanks to Kim I had several options of where I could play hockey at university. I am now playing for Ryerson University where I finished in the top 10 in OUA rookie points. This was an incredible accomplishment for me that would not have been possible without Kim’s help.

Melissa Wronzberg
CIS Player, Ryerson University


Kim McCullough is an excellent role model for young players.  Not only is she a great hockey player herself, but she is a leader in the “hockey” industry when it comes to the development of young athletes, their development as hockey players as well as their overall athletic ability.  I know that Kim has the best interests of young athletes at heart and working with her would make any young athlete better.

In my experience as a high-performance coach, skill, fitness and strength are crucial elements for athletes to perform at their highest level and maximize their potential. Kim’s programs will make you a stronger athlete and a better hockey player.  These are amazing resource for players, coaches, and parents! They are easy to navigate through and simple to execute anywhere.  The exercises are fantastic and would make any hockey player a stronger and more balanced athlete.  I have been privileged to work with many elite athletes throughout my career as a coach and the exercises included in the Total Female Hockey programs are the same or similar to those used in university, national team, and NHL training programs.   I highly recommend all of the Total Female Hockey programs.”

Dan Church
Head Coach, Team Canada & York University Lions Women’s Ice Hockey


“Work Hard, Dream Big” has been a saying that our daughter has taken to heart ever since going to her first Total Female Hockey camp. Five years later our daughter continues to work hard and has even seen some of her “Big Dreams” come true.  Having Kim as an instructor and attending her camps took my daughter from being an average player to someone who would attend the 2012 Ontario Winter Games.  To this day she continues to work with Kim on a weekly basis by taking semi-private lessons to further perfect her skills.  Over the years Kim has become a mentor taking a genuine interest in our daughter’s success.  The great thing is, that she gives this type of attention  to every single player that attends her training sessions and camps. Our daughter will be playing Intermediate AA next season after one year at the Midget AA level, and will be taking part in the U18 selection camp.  To be honest, my husband and I believe that none of this would have been possible without Total Female Hockey and the time, effort, energy and guidance of its director Kim McCullough.

Parent of a PWHL (Intermediate AA) player


I was lucky to be able to train with Kim everyday at the PEAC School For Elite Athletes. Her program helped me take my game up to the next level, giving me the tools to succeed at the university level. I play for York University and would not have been able to do so without her patience, pressure and her program. She was able to give me the ingredients to success all I had to do was work hard everyday to get better and commit to her program. The off-ice training was always challenging, with Kim always on me to do better, and after each training session I could feel my body get stronger and more balanced, which in turn helped me improve on the ice. The on-ice sessions always pushed me to try new things and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. She taught me that I cannot get better without getting uncomfortable! I would definitely recommend committing to the program she has perfected for female hockey players, without it, I would have not been able to succeed. Thank you for everything Kim!

Sara Conway, CIS Player
York University

I had the good fortune to attend a seminar between hockey games, in Pittsburgh at a Thanksgiving tournament in 2009, about the unique training, conditioning and hockey needs of female hockey players. Parents, players, coaches all with undivided attention listened as the speaker led us through conditioning, and strength reps on the dirty floor, all while she continued to educate us about the unique characteristics of female hockey players. Our seminar leader talked about how girls have to work on athletic skills and endurance, how they can work at being leaders in their sport, and had to work hard at academics as well. She discussed and demonstrated a maturity, and experience that belied her youth, and in so doing set an example as to what I wanted for my daughter as a mentor, a friend, a role model.

I admit I am not easily impressed-ever, but as soon as that seminar was over and people were filing out, I made my way to the front, and stuck out my hand to introduce myself to Kim McCullough, one hell of a model for young female hockey players. And I had only just met her, and seen her in action just for 1 hour. (I told her I had a gig for her, as PEAC school for elite athletes had 2 female hockey players, and no girls hockey program.)

In the years since that day, Kim has worked every day to instill the toughness and integrity that each female hockey player must develop to keep moving toward her goals. Kim has an easy and personable style with each girl, knows every girl in every rink by name, and often their moms’ and dads’ too. And Kim always has time to chat, to talk hockey, to discuss university, or just to listen to us crab on about coaches, ice time, and the female hockey life. The TFH email letters sent out to all of us never fail to inform, often inspire or at least become the topic of dinner conversation. We learn how to do, and what not to do, we learn about training and doing the right things in the right way.

Kim has taught my daughter to train hard and often to stay healthy, and to stay free of injuries. She makes sure that the girls strive to stay ahead of school work, as Kim knows firsthand that coaches favor athletes who do a good job balancing their academics and hockey. TFH and Kim in particular, make it known what will be involved in the future student athlete life. She teaches by example, on and off the ice. Learning about recruiting, about letters to coaches and about how to follow up are all things that are discussed almost as often as learning that “the not so sexy stuff” is always the important stuff. Girls know when they are being sold a bill of goods and they also know the real thing when it hollers from the bench. Kim is the real thing – the person the hockey girls try to emulate in skill and in life.

I think the physical and emotional development that my own daughter has gained from the four years she’s worked with Kim, and the “Total Female Hockey life” is revealed in her self-discipline, self-confidence and more importantly, a self-knowledge and selfassuredness that will help her stay on track as she makes her way to university this fall.

Lisa Taerk,
mother of Molly Tissenbaum, NCAA Division 1 Player, Harvard University


When I think of Total Female Hockey, words like elite, game-changing, unparalleled, and unique automatically come to mind. To say that the program has helped me is a gross understatement–it’s more appropriate to say that the program has changed my life.
When I first began working with Kim, I was a low-end, barely AA Bantam player who had never set foot inside a gym. Kim took extensive measures to design a program tailored specifically to my needs, and by committing myself to it, I’ve become a Junior level hockey player on track to reaching my dream of an NCAA career. The combination of on-ice skills practices, challenging off-ice workouts and emotional guidance that is offered in TFH’s unique all-female program is something that you won’t find anywhere else. It has been the most valuable tool in my struggle for hockey success, and without it, I would most definitely not be in the position I’m in today. I will forever be indebted to Kim and Total Female Hockey, and will recommend it whole-heartedly for the rest of my days.”

Chelsey Stevenson,
Player, PWHL

As a coach in the female game for the last ten years, I am always on the look out for a better way to train and develop my players.  I, like most coaches who made the switch from the male game, thought we had “been there and done that” in terms of seeing it all. Unfortunately, I have never experienced what it is like to be a 14 year old girl and could never fully speak to their needs, as everything I had been taught and was using up until this point had been designed by men for use with the male athlete.

I came across Kim’s program during my never ending search for off-ice fitness and female development over the summer. I purchased the deluxe set and went about setting up our Training and Team Bonding Camp from a new perspective. The camp and the implementation of Kim’s exercise protocols were a great success! So we  took the next step and Kim came out to speak and to work with my team in a personal demonstration and seminar forum.  

The girls had the time of their lives, it is a full month after the fact are still talking about it! I guess the first time I REALLY noticed a difference in my players and their attitudes toward warming up and cooling down, was at the recent Aeros tournament when I went outside to watch their pre-game warm-up routine. Up until that point I had been designing the program they followed and watched over them. In a couple of short weeks – they took the package that Kim gave them and designed their own high tempo and fun warm-up, incorporating different elements from the Best Hockey Season Ever program – I was elated and impressed.

I had to admit, that evening – I became an even bigger fan of Kim McCullough and her Total Female Hockey Program – I strongly recommend this program and especially the team seminar option she offers, where Kim really shines! The opportunity to meet and have a person of this caliber speak to your team in a personal and comfortable environment is truly worth it’s weight in gold!

Jeff Campbell
Coach – Toronto Aeros


“Your “How To Get To The Next Level” seminar was great.  Your message about what it takes to improve your fitness, nutrition and mental performance to get to the next level was great and it resonated loudly within our girls.  It was priceless for them to hear what kind of commitment is required to separate yourself from the rest of the pack from someone who has experienced it first hand as both a player and a coach.  Thanks for putting on such a valuable seminar.

Darin Gillis
Head Coach – Ohio Flames 16U

Kim McCullough is simply one of the best and brightest hockey-specific strength and conditioning coaches Canada has to offer!  Kim’s background as an elite hockey player, passionate coach and academic researcher make Kim as qualified as you can get!  Kim is committed to raising the standard for training sessions both on and off the ice.  I can confidently recommend Kim’s training programs  to any player knowing that they will receive the highest quality of training available!

Steve Lidstone
Strength & Conditioning Coordinator McMaster University
Strength and Conditioning Coach – Hockey Canada

Through her exceptional program, Kim has offered our girls a solid foundation on which they can build their hockey future.  Kim delivers concepts in an energetic and engaging way, is an excellent communicator and a fantastic role model for our players.  I am impressed with the depth and breadth of information she is able to impart upon girls as young as 10 or 11.  This information, on fitness, strength training, mental toughness and nutrition will undoubtedly make a difference in a player’s on-ice performance.

As a parent, I appreciate what Kim has done to help my child understand the importance of good nutrition, hydration, stretching and fitness, As a trainer, I welcome having her as a resource to help me expand my own knowledge base.

Jennifer Smith
President, Toronto-Leaside Girls’ Hockey Association

Thanks for doing this seminar – it was great!  All the information given was extremely valuable and your stories really put things into perspective.  I know I’ll take a lot of what you said and start really applying it to my game.

I think it’s a great thing that you’re doing for girls hockey.  Not many girls get the chance to have someone tell them it’s more than just the ice and the puck but how you train off the ice and the way you’re eating. I know this information will help me separate myself from being good to being great.”

Mackenzie, aspiring girls’ hockey player

“I just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic job you did with our team, Kim.

Your seminar was awesome. You kept the girls interested as you talked about ways to improve their fitness and nutrition. They now understand why it is important to have a proper warm up and why to stretch after a workout – I know this will make a difference in their performance level.

Kim you are great role model for our girls – your experience and expertise both on and off the ice says it all. When it comes to training girl’s hockey teams, you know what works and what doesn’t.

I know that is seminar will do more than just make our team better this season, it will make it them better players for years to come.  Thanks again.”

Kevin Stover
Head Coach – Clarington Flames Atom B

 “I had the honour of training Kim McCullough back in the mid-90’s when she was a talented young hockey player – full of ambition, drive and passion.  Over ten years and thousands of athletes later, Kim remains as the most memorable young athlete I ever had the pleasure of working with.  It is the same qualities she possesses athletically that make her one of the greatest youth coaches in the world today.  Kim’s intelligence is beyond impressive and she aspires to learn as much about both the philosophical aspects of coaching, as well as the scientific aspects of conditioning, on a level that is equal or greater than any coach I currently know throughout my entire international network.  The ambition, drive and passion that she exhibits as an athlete and the intelligence and conscientiousness that she carries through her professional pursuits are truly inspiring. To be trained and coached by Kim should be viewed as nothing less than an absolute honour.”

Brian Grasso
CEO, International Youth Conditioning Association

“I attended a player development seminar by Kim and I would highly recommend it to all trainers, coaches and parents.  It gave me a new perspective on off-ice training and a better understanding of the dynamics behind specific exercises.  Kim is very knowledgeable and presents her material in a relaxed and easy to understand manner.”

Lorraine Aniol
Trainer, Burlington Barracudas Bantam AA

“Kim provided our team with current and relevant information which our players immediately put to use during pre-game preparations. Her approach was very professional and I feel the instruction our players received will have a significant influence on how they prepare for all future athletic competitions.”

Marty McNally
Head Coach, Cambridge Jr Fury (Provincial Women’s Hockey League)
Assistant Coach,  2007 U18 Team Ontario – Blue

“I was able to attend a session of Kim’s about proper off-ice training and found her to be an informative and motivational teacher.  She broke down the exercises for us and gave some examples of “fun” techniques to introduce to our novice players. I use her pre-game warm-up with my team (as well as for my own games) and have noticed a real improvement both my players’ and my own skating and agility.  I would definitely recommend attending one of Kim’s clinics and plan to myself when she comes back into town.”

Jennifer Lessick
Coach, Burlington Girls’  hockey team


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