Discover the Only In-Season Hockey Workout Program Guaranteed to Help Girls Hockey Players Take Their Strength and Their Game To The Next Level With Exercises They Can Do At Home or At The Rink

Finally, Young Female Hockey Players Can Use The Program I Uncovered as a Scholarship Athlete to Develop Game-Winning Strength In Less Time Than It Takes To Put On Their Equipment…Without Ever Touching a Weight or Hitting the Gym

Dear Coaches and Parents,

My name is Kim McCullough and I want to help you have your safest and most successful season ever.   I am a certified Youth Conditioning Specialist who specializes in the development of female hockey players.  In addition to training and coaching girls at all levels of hockey, from novice to the National team, I have also played at the highest level of women’s hockey in the world for the last decade.  Female hockey is my true passion and I feel privileged to have been so involved in the women’s game long before the sport’s popularity exploded in 1998.

Over the past 10 years, girls’ hockey has completely transformed from a little known game to one of the fastest growing sports in North America. 

And the game itself is getting faster by the minute.

Girls’ hockey has always been about speed and skill, and players’ abilities in both of those areas has completely skyrocketed in the last 10 years.  And the recent rule changes, that eliminated all of the “clutching and grabbing” that plagued all levels of hockey for so many years, have only made being fast that much more of an advantage in the women’s game. 

The game has not only gotten faster, but it has also become much more physical. We all know that even though there is no “body checking” in the female game, that doesn’t mean that there is no ”body contact”.  The reality is that the female game is very aggressive and the injury rates are through the roof.  The concussion rate in the women’s game is TWICE that of the men, which is particularly alarming since we aren’t allowed any open ice hitting or running people through the boards.

The female game has been transformed over the past 10 years and the players have to follow suit if they are going to keep up with the speed and avoid getting hurt.  The easiest way develop breakaway speed and to protect yourself from injury is to GET STRONGER.  

I know – there is a lot of conflicting information out there about strength training for young athletes. You don’t know whether it is even appropriate for girls to strength train, never mind what types of exercises to do. 

So let’s set the record straight on the most common myths about strength training for girls’ hockey players.

Myth #1:   With no body checking, strength training isn’t necessary.

Anyone who has ever seen a girls’ hockey game knows that ‘no body checking’ does not mean ‘no body contact’.  Sure, female players don’t need to worry about being able to deliver a big hit, but they sure need to be able to protect themselves from one.  They’ve also got to be able to win battles in front of the net and win races to the puck.  And the easiest way to do this is by building their overall strength.

Myth #2:   Strength training at a young age will lead to injury.

You are worried that strength training will cause injury – and you are not alone.  Most parents and coaches avoid getting their girls involved in a strength training program because of safety concerns.    Young athletes tend to get injured when they are trying to lift too much weight or have bad lifting technique.  But if you are using a strength training program that is specifically designed for young female hockey players, instead of causing injuries, you will prevent them.


Myth #3:   Strength training will make girls ‘muscle bound’.

It is physically IMPOSSIBLE for girls to become ‘muscle-bound’ using a strength training program that is appropriate for their needs as developing young athletes.  Even the most elite female hockey players in the world do not build big muscles (and still look feminine) and they are using the most advanced weight training techniques around! Strength training will not make players ‘muscle-bound’, but it will make them stronger, faster and better.


Myth #4:    Boys strength train.  Girls don’t.

This is the one that bothers me the most.  And this is why:

Society leads us to believe that girls should not become strong and powerful. 

Take a second and imagine one of those ‘ideal’ girls from the beauty magazine trying to win a battle for the puck along the boards (pretty funny, isn’t it?).

Here is the TRUTH about strength training for girls’ hockey players:

It doesn’t cause injuries, it prevents them.

It doesn’t require that girls go to the gym or touch any weights. 

It does not cause girls to develop big muscles,

Girls must strength train – not only for the physical edge it gives them on the ice,           but for the psychological edge it will give them both on and off the ice. 


The single best way girls can improve their on-ice performance and decrease their chance of injury is by strength training.

Every single elite women’s hockey player I have played with and against for the last 10 years strength trains. 

Every single girls’ hockey player I work with strength trains.   

But the reality is that most girls’ hockey players DON’T strength train – and this is by far the single biggest mistake they are making in their training and development.  By not strength training, they are missing a golden opportunity to take their performance to the next level.

Here is your opportunity to gain an edge on the competition this season.

There are plenty of resources out there that can teach you about strength training – but I can guarantee you this is the ONLY ONE that can address and meet the specific needs of girls’ hockey players.

These Strength Workouts are Fun, Challenging and Easy-to-Follow

Let’s face it; what you put into hockey is directly linked to what you get out of it.  Hockey has changed so much in the last decade that if players want to play at a high level, then extra training is needed to achieve their true potential.  Kim’s Total Hockey Strength program has shown us that training doesn’t need to be boring.   Both Lindsay and Julia have been using this program for over two months, and have found their strength and stamina has increased substantially.  This program is so user-friendly that I actually have to encourage both girls to not over-train!  Having tried other programs before, I truly believe Total Hockey Strength, with the hockey specific exercises, will assist any player with their development and make their training fun.  

Scott Johnston, Assistant Coach, Lindsay Lynx Peewee C

Father of Lindsay (age 11) and Julia (age 9)

With the Total Hockey Strength system, girls hockey players will…

•   Build battle-winning strength.

•   Prevent injuries.

•   Build confidence.

   Develop core strength and stability.

•   Get faster.

•   Improve posture.

•   Get better.


All in less than 30 minutes,  in the comfort of your home – without ever going to the gym or lifting a weight!

Young Players Find Program “Fun & Serious At the Same Time”

This program is fun, it is easy to follow, but it is not easy to do. It is a good workout and I am tired afterwards. It is improving me every day. I noticed that my legs were not as tired on the ice and I am stronger overall. The program is fun and serious at the same time.

Lindsay Johnston, age 13, Lindsay Lynx Peewee C

I really like this program – it is fun! It gets easier each time I do it, but then the program changes and it gets hard again. It take a bit of time if you do it right, but it is not boring.

Julia Johnston, age 11, Lindsay Lynx Atom C








Girls’ hockey players must build a solid foundation of strength in order to become stronger, faster and better.


Girls’ hockey players have a choice: 

They can spend all the extra time in the gym or on the ice trying to get better, OR…

They can spend less than 30 minutes strength training in their own home and guarantee that they will get better.


Building battle-winning and game-changing strength is actually pretty simple.

But we always seem to think that ‘more is better’, don’t we? 

The truth is that without a solid foundation of strength, players will never reap all of the benefits of their hard work on and off the ice.   Over the last ten years, I have seen many talented players start up high-intensity off-ice training programs only to end up tired, injured and frustrated. 

In fact, I was one of those players!



How I Went from Over-Trained Player to

Player Development Pro

Unlike a lot of my teammates, I didn’t start playing until I was 13. When I finally ‘caught the hockey bug’,  I spent every minute of every day out on the rink or in the gym trying to take my game to the next level. 

I was extremely motivated to become the best player possible.  If I heard that elite players ran 30 minutes for training, I would run 40 (or 50).  I remember reading a quote that said, ‘Every minute you aren’t training, your competition is’.  So I filled every minute I could spare with as much training as possible.

I trained in a start-of-the-art facility built for an NHL team and I was in there 5 days a week using what I thought were the coolest training gadgets around.  I was on the skating treadmill one day and on the high-speed running treadmill the next.  I was using the latest workout machines and what I thought were the most advanced training programs. 

In addition to training 5 days a week specifically for hockey,  I was playing on 2 hockey teams, 2 soccer teams and my high school basketball team – all while studying as hard as I could and trying to have a ‘normal’ teenage life.

Juggling all of these balls in the air seemed to be going well for a while – until my lower back started to get sore.  I didn’t think much of it and figured that it was just a by-product of all the hard work I had been doing.  So I kept plugging away, doing the strength and conditioning program that I hoped would help me get to the next level.  A few weeks later, I pulled my groin on the skating treadmill.  A month later, I sprained my ankle.

Now this is where I started to get a little confused.  Here I was training as hard as I could, at the facility where the professional players trained, and all I had to show for it was a little bit of strength coupled with some nagging injuries. 

The worst part is that NONE of these injuries came from playing – they all came from training!

Things quickly went from bad to worse.  I started seeing a physiotherapist 4 days per week for treatment.   At $50 per visit, the costs started to add up quickly.  Let’s just say it was a good thing that my parents were paying the bills, because my lunch money would have barely made a dent.

I refused to take any time off from training to let myself recover.  Immediately after every treatment session, I went right back to training and playing as hard as I could, only to end up right back where I started from.

The only reason that I could even play with all those injuries was that I was still a kid.  If I still suffered from that kind of pain today, I would barely be able to make it out of bed – let alone be able to play 3 full hockey games in one day.

The biggest mistake I made was thinking that ‘More is Better’.  I thought that in order to be better, I had to work harder and longer than everyone else.  Both my parents and I thought that I was doing all the right things to become the best player possible.  Well, I can tell you now, looking back on it all, that I had it all wrong!

When I started to get injured while training, I should have taken a step back and realized that something wasn’t right.  But, I was an extremely motivated kid who wanted to do as much as possible to get better, so I stayed with the program and the physiotherapy until I went to university.

My injury problems continued to plague me for the next four years.   Although I was lucky to have an excellent strength and conditioning coach in university and only sustained minor game-related bumps and bruises, the injuries I suffered from in high school always prevented me from playing my best.

If my back wasn’t sore, my ankle would be bothering me.  If it wasn’t my ankle, it was my groin.  I was fortunate enough to be doing all the right things in my college training program – but I couldn’t undo the harm I had done as a young player!  I was a talented, but constantly injured athlete, in far too much pain to perform to my full potential.


But, Instead of Waking Up,

I Kept Making the Same Mistakes…

While I was still in university, I devoted myself to learning everything I possibly could about the proper development of young athletes and, specifically, young female hockey players, so that other girls wouldn’t have to suffer the same pain and frustration I felt.

Kim Playing in University

But I didn’t change the way I trained myself at all!  I still thought that I had to train harder than everyone else to get ahead.  I truly believed that the reason I was injured all the time was because I wasn’t strong enough.  Did I mention that I was a Strength and Conditioning All-American in university?  There was no reason for me to focus so much more time and suffer so much more pain to get stronger, but I just kept training with same intensity as I always had.  You have probably heard the phrase, “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always had”.  Despite all my injuries, I was still achieving a high-level of success both on and off the training as hard as possible, so I just kept plugging away – even though I knew from my education and my experience that this approach was all wrong.

My body was telling me to slow down, but my mind was telling me that slowing down (and doing less) would make me fall behind the rest of the competition.

Now I realize how much time and energy I wasted training incorrectly for all those years.  I was so focused on ‘getting an edge’ on the competition by being as strong as possible that I was caught in a constant cycle of injury.  As a result, I missed out on amazing opportunities to improve both as an athlete and player because I wasn’t able to give my best effort during every off-ice and on-ice session.

The more time a player can spend playing the game, the better player she will become.  If she is injured, she can’t play her best and she can’t get better.  And what’s worse is that if she is ‘injury-prone’ as a youngster (like I was), she will stay injury-prone her entire career (like I was).


Don’t get me wrong here – hard work is critical to a player’s success, but she has to be healthy in order to perform her best.   70% of young hockey players will sustain an injury this season.  Although the majority of these injuries will not be season-ending, they are still devastating to the girl who wants nothing more than to play the sport they love at the highest level possible.

I learned my lessons the hard way, but that’s okay, because now other girls won’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

How I Learned My Lesson…


One day, while getting treatment for one of my many nagging injuries, I had an ‘A-HA’ moment.   I had spent thousands of hours doing rehabilitation exercises for all my injuries and I finally started to see a pattern emerge.

I realized that I was doing the same exercises –  to not only recover from my injuries but to prevent further damage – no matter what the ‘injury of the week’ was.  What if I created a program, based around these exercises, designed to build strength and stability in the muscles and joints that support and power hockey-specific movements? 

I tried the exercises and program out with my young athletes and saw amazing results. Instead of worrying about lifting a lot of weight, we were focusing on maximizing their ability to move their own body with strength and power.


I uncovered the best way to develop overall strength and reduce the chance of injury safely, effectively and efficiently in young female hockey players.


But…I Still Thought That I Was the Exception to the Rule!


Despite getting all these great results with my young players, I kept doing too much in my own training.  That is until my back exploded!   I woke up one morning, sneezed and that was ‘the sneeze that changed my life’.  Within 4 hours, my left leg went completely numb and stayed that way for 3 months. 

One of the discs in my back had actually exploded.  This was the culmination of years and years of doing too much of the wrong thing.   I had gone too hard, too fast and too soon for too long.  The ‘elite’ strength and conditioning program I was doing in high school was all wrong for me.  I was excited about ‘training like a pro’, but my teenage body wasn’t prepared to sustain that kind of intensity.  I didn’t have the foundation of strength and stability that I needed to perform my best both on and off the ice.  That’s why I was constantly injured and why I rarely played (and performed) at 100%. 

And then one day, my body just couldn’t take it anymore and I had to have neurosurgery to fix my back.

For the first time ever, I had to face the fact that I might not be able to play ever again. It is pretty hard to do tight turns and crossovers if you can’t feel one of your feet!  Couple that with the fact that I couldn’t demonstrate exercises or participate in the drills I always did with my young athletes, and I truly felt like a shadow of my former self.

I finally had my surgery at the end of June in 2005.  I still remember waking up from the surgery being so excited that I could feel my foot again.  It wasn’t 100%, but it felt 100 times better than it did 3 hours before.

The surgeon advised against me playing any contact sports.  He also said that if I didn’t get feeling back in my leg within 8 months, it was probably never going to come back. Of course,  I still held on to the hope that I would be able to play in the season-opener, which was only 8 weeks away.  I had never missed playing a hockey game due to injury in my whole career, which is pretty amazing (and stupid) considering my injury history.   I knew that this time I had to ‘rehab right’ or else face the consequence of no longer being able to do the work and play the game that I loved.

Searching for the Solution that was Right Under My Nose…

During my rehab, I was truly grateful for every tiny improvement and got genuinely excited every time I got to try a new exercise. 

I asked all the experts I knew and scoured the Internet looking for the miracle program that was going to bring me back to 100%. 

I finally realized that the answer had been sitting right there in my brain the whole time.  I simply started doing the same exercises I was asking my young players to do to build up their strength for hockey. 

But There Was Still One Piece of the Puzzle Missing…


I had grown used to doing all the training programs and exercises with both myself and my athletes in fancy gyms with all the latest training equipment.  Now I couldn’t even get to the gym to do my rehab exercises because I couldn’t even sit in my car without searing back pain. 

I also realized that as much as my young players wanted to come into the gym and train with me in person, school, sports and schedules often got in the way.  I had to figure out how they could get all the benefits of training with me in a fancy facility – without having me or any equipment there!

I discovered how young players could do short, fast and effective strength training workouts without touching a weight, going to a gym or risking injury.  I created a body-weight only strength training program that girls can do in less than 30 minutes a day – anytime, anywhere – to address their specific needs as a young female hockey player.


Total Hockey Strength is the combined result of:

•   Over 6 years of University study (including a Master’s degree where I studied the athletic development of elite players from the NHL and Women’s National team)

•   Working alongside and learning from 5 of the most world-renowned strength and conditioning coaches in the world

•   A decade of hands-on experience working with over 1500 girls hockey players

•   Playing over 400 games at the highest levels of women’s hockey

•   Trying out every single hockey-specific training theory on myself and my athletes in my never-ending quest to make my athletes and myself the best players possible.


I spent a tremendous amount of time (and far too much of my parent’s money) on training – only to end up tired, injured and frustrated.  I thought that I was doing the right thing by ‘doing more and going harder’ than everyone else, so I continued over-training and racked up a huge physical therapy bill – all in my quest to become the best player possible.

I now know that all that training I did as a young female hockey player was completely WRONG! 

I made absolutely every training mistake in the book and my body, and my hockey career,  suffered for it.  I spent so much of my time and energy focusing on doing training programs that weren’t specific to my age, my gender or my sport. I don’t want any other girls’ hockey players to make the same mistakes I did – they need to train with a proven system that addresses their specific needs and helps them take her game to the next level safely and effectively

That’s why I developed a revolutionary training system called Total Hockey Strength, which was designed specifically to help young female hockey players become stronger and more injury-resistant…no matter their age, position or playing level.


University Coach Recommends Total Hockey Strength as a

Must-Have Resource for All Young Female Athletes

Total Hockey Strength is easy to navigate through and simple to execute anywhere. The exercises are fantastic and would make any hockey player a stronger and more balanced athlete.

Building hockey-specific strength is critical for young female players looking to perform at their highest level and maximize their potential. As a high-performance coach, I have been privileged to work with many elite athletes throughout my career and the exercises included in this program are the same or similar to those used in university, national team, and NHL training programs. I highly recommend the Total

Hockey Strength system to any player looking to reach the next level – and beyond.

Dan Church

Head Coach, York University Lions Women’s Ice Hockey Team


Peewee Coach Finally Finds a Program Specific to His Team’s Needs

Kim, I want to thank you for putting together this great strength training program. Although I am familiar with strength training programs for adults, I have been searching for a program specifically for the young girls on my hockey team. I know that your program is going to give my team an edge over the competition by the time the season rolls around.

My daughter has started using it and we love the fact that the exercises are easy to do and require no extra equipment. Being able to have the girls perform the exercises in the comfort of their own home is a huge ‘plus’. I am impressed that the exercises are challenging enough to keep my own daughter motivated to perform the exercises, yet easy enough that she can do them on her own with little, if any, supervision. She has decided that she wants to take her game to the next level soshe has made a commitment to work through the program till the end.

After having the pleasure to meet you in person, I was impressed by your vast knowledge and your integrity as a person. The fact that you are a hockey player yourself, who plays at the highest levels, makes it a no-brainer to get your program. I can tell that you really want to help younger athletes excel and this program was designed to do just that. Any young athlete that follows your program is going to improve immensely!

Ramsey Emara, Head Coach, Durham West Girls Peewee B


Every single girls’ hockey player deserves to have every possible opportunity to reach all of her goals and play to her fullest potential.  

I am committed to helping to make the dreams of all young female players a reality.  I have dedicated the last decade to learning everything about how to develop the best girls’ hockey players possible.  I have been privileged to work with players from all over the world, from girls starting out in house-league to women playing for their National Teams.  In fact, I can guarantee you that there is no one else who has the unique blend of playing, coaching, training and learning experience that I have. 

I have taken everything I have learned from my own training experience, my time spent with the world’s experts in athlete development and my own research with elite players and created a hockey-specific training program designed specifically to meet the needs of all young female hockey players.

You don’t have to second-guess whether you are doing the right thing for your young female hockey players  –  the simple, safe and effective solution is right here.

Announcing The Only Strength Training Program

Designed Specifically for Girls’ Hockey Players:

Total Hockey Strength


Since re-discovering the essential body-weight strength training exercises that build the foundation of hockey success,  I’ve used the Total Hockey Strength system with over 1500 players from novice to the National team to perfect the most user-friendly, easy-to-follow, safe and effective training program for young female hockey players.

Take Note!  Total Hockey Strength is NOT…

  • A weight training program

  • A quick fix program

  • A program that requires you to go to the gym or buy fancy training equipment

Total Hockey Strength is a strength development system that includes:

•   Photographs, descriptions and detailed workouts that will allow you to start using this cutting-edge strength training program tomorrow.

•   Easy-to-follow descriptions that will show you exactly how to perform every single exercise in the program and what technique errors to look out for.

•   The complete 18 week progression of the entire program broken down day by day, workout by workout.


Remember, this program is wasn’t designed by some ex-pro men’s player with no qualification for training (other than the fact he played pro – of course) and no idea how to address the specific needs of young female hockey players.

As an elite player, coach of young female players and former girls’ hockey player who spent years desperately searching for the right way to train, I know what girls need to take their game to the next level.  


Total Hockey Strength isn’t going to make you the best player on the ice overnight, but it is going to build the foundation for all your future hockey success.  Increasing your strength will to allow you to play more, avoid injury and perform your best throughout the season.  And that’s how you will BECOME the best.

I can promise you that Total Hockey Strength is exactly what you have been looking for.

I can ensure you that the exercises you find in Total Hockey Strength are exactly the same as the ones I use with my players day in and day out all year around.  And training with me one-on-one is not cheap.  A single 45 minute group training session costs at least $100.  Doing that 3 times a week for 6 months adds up to well over $6000 for the year.  And that’s if you can even get to downtown Toronto in the first place.

Not every player will be able to work directly with me on a daily basis, but I still want them to be able to get all of the same benefits.  Every player deserves to have every opportunity to become the best player possible and I want to help them get there.

Every player needs to have access to this information so that they can start developing their game safely and effectively TODAY!

When you order today,  you will receive the entire Total Hockey Strength program for only $29.97.

That includes a complete 18 week program that will completely transform your player’s game by making her stronger and more injury resistant than she has ever been.  It is simple, safe and it works.

But I still have more to offer you…

A Critical Addition To Any Off-Ice Training Program That Is Guaranteed To Dramatically Decrease Injuries and Increase Your Performance

For a limited time, I am offering you an amazing bonus to take your on-ice strength and performance to a whole new level.

Total Hockey Strength Bonus #1:

“Bullet-Proof” Balance ($67 value)

Single-leg balance is the key to being strong and stable on the ice. Without it, you will be weaker, slower and more susceptible to injuries. The better your balance, the stronger, faster and better player you’ll be.

In “Bullet-Proof” Balance, I will show you exactly how to develop the amazing single-leg balance that will allow you to prevent injuries and perform your best every time you hit the ice.


This bonus will only be offered for a limited time. After that, it will be sold separately as its own individual product with a much higher price tag.

Click Here To Order Now!

Try Total Hockey Strength for 18 Full Weeks With a No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee

“Test Drive” the Total Hockey Strength System for the next 18 weeks with absolutely no risk. See for yourself how much stronger your players can become. You are completely protected by our iron clad 100% money back guarantee.

You will not only be satisfied, I guarantee you will be thrilled with the program, or you can simply email me and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassle, no questions asked, 100% refund.

In fact, if you’re not completely happy for any reason whatsoever, then I insist that you ask for a refund. However, after seeing so many girls take their performance to the next level while saving time by using this in-season strength training program, I’m totally confident that you and your players are going to love this program and the results you see.





Total Hockey Strength has worked for thousands of players and it will work for you too, or you can keep the program for FREE, it’s as simple as that.  All you have to do is click on the link below to order and I promise you that you are going to be thrilled with the increased strength and confidence your players show both on and off the ice.


Kim McCullough, MSc, YCS

Author, Total Hockey Strength

Founder, Total Female Hockey



P.S.  There is NO RISK at all for you to try out the Total Hockey Strength system.  If you aren’t thrilled with the decreased incidence of injury and increased strength levels your players experience from using the Total Hockey Strength program in 18 weeks, let us know and we’ll refund your order.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  Total Hockey Strength is trusted by parents, coaches and players all over North America, and I guarantee it will work for you too!

P.P.S  If you are tired of searching for ways to help your players take their game to the next level this season, and are worried that they might fall victim to the injuries that are currently plaguing the female game, then the Total Hockey Strength System is for you.  I guarantee you it will help players get stronger, faster and better – in just 3 short workouts per week.  If it doesn’t, just ask for your money back.

P.P.P.S.  Hockey season is here.  What are you waiting for?

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NOTE:  Total Hockey Strength is a downloadable e-book.  You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail.  After you order through our secure server, you will have INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book for just $29.97.  Instead of waiting for your book in the mail, you can download this program immediately and get started on getting in shape for the season just minutes from now!

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