The Total Female Hockey Scholarship Project


Do You Want To Play College Hockey
At The School Of Your Dreams?

Then The Total Female Hockey
Scholarship Project

Is For YOU!

I’ve asked thousands of players and parents, just like you, what their biggest questions were about getting to play at the next level…

…and then asked college scouts and coaches from all over North America the exact same questions.

Not only did the coaches and scouts answer ALL of your questions…

They Shared The “INSIDER SECRETS” Of What You Absolutely NEED TO KNOW and that You Absolutely NEED TO DO In Order To Get Noticed, Get Recruited and Play College Hockey At The School Of Your Dreams.

To be honest with you, I was actually shocked at the amount of information they revealed. I thought I knew a lot about the process after going through it myself and watching hundreds of other players go through it as well. It wasn’t until I got all this information from the scouts & coaches, and did 3 years of research on my own, that I realized something…

I really knew NOTHING about the process!

When I look back on how I dealt with the whole recruiting process back in high school, from the time I first decided that I wanted to play college hockey, all the way to picking my school, I’m amazed that I ended up anywhere at all!

Back then, no one was using expensive recruiting services or sending out highlight videos to coaches. If you were “good enough”, the scouts came to your games, the recruiting letters came in the mail and you went from there.

Now, world of women’s hockey is completely different.

There are more girls playing hockey than ever and there are more college teams than ever to choose from. That means that they are more opportunities than ever to play at the next level, right?

I truly believe that any girl who dreams of playing college hockey can get there, if they really want it and are willing to do the work…

BUT more girls playing hockey means that there are more players vying for those

precious scholarships and spots on the team.

This all comes down to a NUMBERS game. Thousands of girls want to play college hockey, but not all of them are going to reach that goal.


With all the competition that’s out there, how will you separate yourself from the rest of the pack, so that you get noticed and end up playing hockey at the school of your dreams?


Everyone has their own opinion of “what it takes” to get your shot at playing college hockey. Your club team coach might tell you one thing, your parents might say something completely different, and other players may give you conflicting information.


That’s why I went right to the source…


They gladly revealed all this great information, because the truth is, these aren’t “secrets” at all.

==> Coaches WANT you to know this information.

==> They NEED you to know this information.

They want to help you find the school of your dreams just as much as I do, and the more that you know about the process, the easier it is for them to find you and the easier it is for you to find the school of your dreams.

==> You & The Coaches Want The SAME THING <==



  • To Play Hockey At The Highest Level Possible
  • To Find The Perfect School For You
  • For The Process To Be As Simple As Possible


  • Players Who Have The Potential and The Desire to Become the Best Player Possible
  • Motivated Players Who Fit Into Their Program Athletically, Academically and Socially
  • For The Process To Be As Simple As Possible

It’s a WIN-WIN situation for everyone.

You find the school of your dreams and

they get a player that fits in perfectly with their program.


I CAN’T tell you which school is going to be the best fit for you. And neither can the coaches. You’ll need to figure that out on your own.

But I CAN walk you through the entire process STEP-BY-STEP.

That’s what the Total Female Hockey SCHOLARSHIP PROJECT is all about.

I’ve gathered up EVERYTHING you need to know in order to get noticed, be recruited and pick the school that is right for you…

…And created the STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE to take you through
the entire process from figuring out what YOU want, setting the plan for how you are going to get there, and making your final choice.




There has never been a more specific step-by-step

guide to help girls’ hockey players looking to play at

the college or university realize their dream.


And if you don’t know what steps you have to take along the way, and what the coaches want and need from you, this whole process can get very complicated, confusing and intimidating very very quickly.


That’s why I am going to make it as

SIMPLE for you as possible.

Here’s EXACTLY What You Will Get With



A Complete Guide To All 145 Women’s College and University Teams in North America

This is not a generic guide to getting a scholarship. I’m giving you all the information you need about every team in North America. You get the contact information of every coach, the team websites to look at, comparisons between all the schools, and a clear breakdown of the different options in the United States and Canada. As you can imagine, figuring out all this information on your own takes a HUGE amount of time – I’ve done all the digging for you!

A Step-By-Step Guideline & Timeline For The Entire Process

I show you exactly what to do, AND WHEN TO DO IT, based on what grade you are in and which schools you are looking at, to get you all the way from starting to look at your options to choosing your perfect school.

The Ultimate FAQ: 57 Critical Questions About Getting To The Next Level ANSWERED By College Coaches

– I asked many coaches these questions and I have compiled all their answers into one complete guide to navigating the whole recruiting process.


…These 5 Critical “HOW TO” Guides:

How To Write The Perfect Introductory Email To Coaches: You get a sample of the introductory letter you should send to the coaches of teams you are interested in.

How To Make A Video For Coaches: I give you a step-by-step worksheet to help you put together the perfect video to send to coaches – as well as sample of what a good video should look like!

How To Use The Web To Find Everything You Need: I’ve created a video where I show exactly how to navigate the websites of all the college hockey programs so that you can find all the information you could possible need about athletics, academics and the school in general.

How To Follow The 3 Rs: A clear and concise guide to the rules, regulations and requirements you must follow in order to be eligible to play at the next level.

How To Communicate With Coaches: You get everything from how to send a effective update to a coach, to what questions you should be asking them about their programs, and a simple method of tracking every single communication you have with coaches.


I am also offering you 3 MORE EXCLUSIVE BONUSES

that you are going to make the whole process of

getting to the school of your dreams that much easier:


BONUS #1: 5 Exclusive Interviews with Coaches from all Divisions of College Hockey across North America

I asked the coaches from Division 1, Ivy League, Division 3, and the Canadian universities what it takes to play at and get into their schools. You get the MP3 recordings of these interviews – which is over 2.5+ hours of amazing information that you can listen to again and again.

BONUS #2: 30 Minute Phone Call With Kim

This phone call is your chance to ask me anything and everything you want to know about the scholarship process. I don’t do much personal phone coaching anymore because of my crazy schedule, but I know that every single player is going to have a unique situation when it comes to the recruiting process, and I want to make sure your specific questions get answered.

BONUS #3: 8 Exclusive Interviews with Current College Hockey Players from across North America

These players have done exactly what you dream of doing.  I asked these 8 talented student-athletes to answer the 4 most important questions I could think of about the college hockey process and they over-delivered in their responses.  This is MUST-READ stuff for anyone who wants to reach their ultimate goal of playing college hockey at the school of their dreams.

NOTE: There is No “Fluff” or “Filler” Here. I have ONLY included the CRITICAL information you MUST know. I’m not going to waste your time with things you don’t need. This isn’t a generic guide to playing sports in college – this is ONLY about women’s hockey. Period.

There simply ISN’T another resource available that is so specific to the needs of female hockey players as this one…

…And I’m practically giving it away!

I’ve shared it with the college coaches and scouts, as well as players and parents who’ve been through the whole process, and every one of them agreed that it is the most complete and easy-to-follow resource for anyone who wants to play college hockey.

So to make sure you can get started with it right away, you can get your copy of the Total Female Hockey SCHOLARSHIP PROJECT for only $127.

When you think that a college hockey scholarship can be worth over $200,000 over 4 years, investing $127 in a complete package that shows you exactly what you need to in order to make that dream a reality just makes sense.

So to be one of the first to own the SCHOLARSHIP PROJECT, click on the link below :



As soon as you order, you will receive complete access to the entire SCHOLARSHIP PROJECT immediately. This includes the entire step-by-step manual as a downloadable PDF, all of the How-To videos and all of the college coach & player interviews. So you can get started moving closer to your dreams right away instead of waiting for the information to arrive in the mail.


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