If You Are Really Serious About Taking Your Game To The Next Level…



It’s Time To Pay Attention To Your NUTRITION!



You can be a very skilled player, but if you are not properly FUELED,


you will never be able to move from GOOD to GREAT!


GAME WINNING NUTRITION  is a Sports Nutrition Manual that was specifically created, by authors Cathy Williamson and Rita Wyczynski, for the SERIOUS player who is ready to do whatever it takes to become the best player possible.


These two nutritionists and “hockey moms” have taken all the complex & confusing nutrition information that’s out there and simplified it so that you have a step-by-step guide that players and parents can use to fuel peak performance on the ice.


This information helped the athletes realize the importance of nutrition for peak performance.  There are also valuable tools that they could implement in their own lives to help them live a healthy active lifestyle.  I would definitely recommend this to any coaches, parents or athletes looking for nutritional help or guidance.

~ Sami Jo Small, 3 time Olympian, Women’s Hockey




In this easy-to-use manual, you will discover:



    1.    What To Eat, When To Eat and How Much To Eat – so you perform your best every single time you hit the ice.



    2.    How Much Water You Have To Drink Each Day – drinking any less than this could destroy your performance.   



3.    How Making Small Changes To Your Diet Is Key For Taking Your Performance To The Next Level – and how simple it is to take your nutrition from good to great.



    4.    The Big Secret To Quick Recovery – the simple solution to performing your best during tournaments, playoffs and other key games.


and so much more…





My daughter has really been taking this great nutrition information to heart.  She’s much more aware of empty foods, extra portions/calories and is quite thoughtful about how and when she eats.  This really attests to what she’s learned from this program.  As a parent, it can be a tricky area talking to a daughter about food – it can be easily misinterpreted at this age with all the sensitivity about body image etc.   Your wonderful program has really helped her keep a very good perspective for the health and fitness goals point of view.  Now, she’s re-teaching us!!!! Thank You!


~ Parent, Midget AA Hockey team




This information was very helpful for our girls’ hockey team.  Knowing what is more effective to feed the girls before and after practices and games in order to enhance their performance and recovery was very valuable.  Not only did it help parents, but it helped the girls to make healthier choices all year, especially at tournaments.  There are concrete examples such as which of all granola bars are better for athletes, and an example of a good menu to feed athletes within 2 hours of practices as opposed to within one hour of practice.

~ Parent, Novice Rep Hockey team




I just wanted to say I think it’s excellent.  The book is really well laid out and well written. It touches on the areas that are relevant for the female athlete. Job well done!

– Director of Player Development, Toronto-Leaside Girls Hockey Association



Thanks to this program, I’ve changed the way I prepare for each game!!!  I listened and really took to heart everything about what foods to eat before and after a game.  At first I was not too sure it would work, but then I found that eating the right foods really boosted my energy and helped me recover from games much faster, especially drinking all that water.  I never used to drink so much water before a game.  I was afraid that it would slow me down but I found that having water really improved my stamina by about the 3rd period.


~ Player, Bantam AA



GAME WINNING NUTRITION is all about empowering athletes and parents with the information you need to take charge of your FUELING needs in order to maximize your performance on the ice!


Bottom Line:  This is a manual that SERIOUS PLAYERS cannot do without.



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Hundreds of parents and coaches, as well as players from all levels, ranging from Atom C to the more competitive Midget AA and Junior levels have benefited from this nutritional information in their QUEST to improve performance.


Make this part of your Personal Game Plan to MOVE to the NEXT LEVEL and take action TODAY!


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Please note:  Game Winning Nutrition is a downloadable e-book in PDF format.  No waiting for anything in the mail – when you order, you will be able to download the entire manual instantly and start using it immediately.


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