Are You Ready To Take Your Shooting, Stickhandling and Game To The Next Level?

Your individual skills with the puck are one of the most critical things coaches and scouts are looking for and having elite shooting and stickhandling skills will give you a serious advantage over the competition.  The reality is that most girls only have average individual puck skills – and why would you want to be average if you could be ELITE?

The Total Female Hockey Elite Shooting and Stickhandling Video Series

gives you an 8 week step-by-step personal plan for taking your stick skills to the next level without having to step on the ice.  And with the start of the season only 8 weeks away, now is the time to gain every advantage you can get on the competition.

In this brand-new Shooting and Stickhandling Series, you’ll learn the TECHNIQUES and TRICKS I teach to all the players I coach at the elite level – all in the comfort of your own home.

Over the next 8 weeks,  I will send you16 different shooting and stickhandling videos that cover these 8 critical areas:

:: Wrist Shot – the most critical shot to perfect at a young age

:: In Tight Stickhandling – the key to coming out with the puck in pressure situations

:: Snap Shot – the quick release you need to score more goals in tight

:: Toe Drags – making you a “shifty” and “slippery” player out on the ice

:: Backhand – the most dreaded shot in hockey

:: Feet To Stick Control – the key to winning 1-on-1 battles on the boards

:: Slap Shot – making it the most powerful weapon in your shooting arsenal

:: Fakes – giving you the ability to beat players and goalies 1-on-1

Every week, you’ll receive a brand-new shooting and stickhandling video that will not only show you the technique and tricks you need to take your skills to the next level, but you’ll also get a weekly TRAINING PLAN that will show you the exact routines you will use to that week to gain an advantage on the competition.

No more worrying about having a weak backhand or feeling like your hands can’t quite keep up with your quick feet.  This is your chance to standout because of your explosive slapshot and your ability to pick corners with your snapshot.  You’ll get noticed for your ability to win puck battles on the boards because of your amazing in-close puck control and your ability to turn players inside-out with your toe drags.

You will develop the confidence to know that you’ve got the shots and the moves to be able to excel in every situation on the ice.

Get started with taking your shooting and stickhandling skills to the next level today and get the next 8 weeks of step-by-step video instruction from me for only $37 – just a fraction of the price of a new stick.  You’ll get 16 different videos and training plans to guarantee that you’re ready to standout on the ice once the season starts.



This is your chance to standout because of your shooting and stickhandling skills by the time the next season starts.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain a serious advantage on the competition.







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