Evening Skills Sessions This Summer

[ posted by Kim on 11th of April, 2017 ]

For the last 8 weeks of summer (from July 4th until August 24th), Total Female Hockey offers ON and OFF-ice training on Tuesday and Thursday nights at Buckingham Arena in Toronto for players who will be playing high-level Bantam, Midget or Junior next season.

This is high-intensity training designed for players who want to be ready to set the ice on fire once the season starts.  We do 1 hour of high-tempo ON-ICE skills training followed by 90 minutes of speed, strength and power training OFF-ICE.  This is the 7th year we’ve run this program and every player reports back in the fall faster, more powerful, more skilled and more confident than ever.

Players can attend 1 or 2 times a week.  The schedule is flexible – you “buy” 8, 12 or 16 sessions and then use them however fits best with your schedule (we just need to know in advance).  We HIGHLY recommend players attend 2 times a week to maximize the effectiveness of the training to help them progress to the next level, but once a week will definitely make a difference too if that’s what you can fit in your schedule.

We only allow a maximum of 20 players into this program so you’ll have to sign up early to guarantee your spot.

NOTE: Last year, we sold out of sorts by the end of April, so reserve your spot now so you don’t miss out!

The 3 main areas we’ll be working on ON the ice:

=> Attacking in 1 on 1 situations with effective ‘dangles’ & puck protection skills
=> Getting the right kind of shot off quickly under pressure
=> Explosive change of direction skating to create time & space for yourself with and without the puck

For 90% of the drills, you’ll have a puck on your stick. In every on-ice session, we’ll work on individual puck skills – stickhandling, shooting, passing. These are the skills that separate great players from good players in the female game. We’ll work on these skills by recreating game-like scenarios, such as a forward beating a defenseman coming out of the corner or a defenseman protecting the puck behind the net before making a breakout pass.  These are “attack” skills. Once the basic skating and puck skill foundation is in place, we’ll increase the pressure put on the player while executing it. That might be something as simple as adding a pylon or stick to navigate around or something as complex as having to deal with 1-on-1 pressure from a coach or player.

The majority of these drills will be done inside the attack zone to simulate the game and will be done at a high tempo once the basic skill & concept is mastered.

The 3 main areas we’ll be working on OFF the ice:

=> Lower body explosiveness – to make you quicker in every zone of the ice
=> Upper body strength & core stability – to win your battles & make your shot much harder
=> Conditioning through high intensity circuits – so you can outlast your opponent

Our off-ice training works on making you the best athlete possible so that you can dominate the competition in the fall. You’ll show up at training camp in great shape which gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills at the highest speed & intensity possible.   We will change up the workouts often enough to keep players challenged physically and mentally, while also keeping some of the basics intact throughout the summer so that you’ve got a great foundation of athleticism in place for the season.

The full schedule for the summer training is listed below:

Week 1: Tues July 4th – On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm; Thurs July 6th – On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm
Week 2: Tues July 11th – On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm; Thurs July 13th – On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm
Week 3: Tues July 18th – On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm; Thurs July 20th – On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm
Week 4: Tues July 25th – On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm; Thurs July 27th – On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm
Week 5: Tues Aug 1st – On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm; Thurs Aug 3rd – On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm
Week 6: Tues Aug 8th- On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm; Thurs Aug 10th – On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm
Week 7: Tues Aug 15th- On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm; Thurs Aug 17th – On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm
Week 8: Tues Aug 22nd- On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm; Thurs Aug 24th – On-ice 6-7pm, Off-ice 715-845pm

We can only allow a maximum of 20 players in the program so please contact us early to reserve your spot.


For all 16 sessions:  $1250.00

For 12 sessions:  $975.00

For 8 sessions:  $680.00

The program isn’t for everyone – it’s for those of you who want to do more than just compete in the fall. If you want to dominate, this is the program for you.

Feel free to pass this information along to any friends/teammates who you think might be interested in joining us at the sessions. If you have any specific questions, please let me know.

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