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#1 Thing To Do At Tryouts

[ posted by Kim on 17th of April, 2017 ]

  The #1 Rule of Tryouts Is…  Do Things Right. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. And whether it’s in tryouts or in life, we almost always know what the right thing to do is. You know you should hold that door open for the person right behind you […]

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Evening Skills Sessions This Summer

[ posted by Kim on 11th of April, 2017 ]

For the last 8 weeks of summer (from July 4th until August 24th), Total Female Hockey offers ON and OFF-ice training on Tuesday and Thursday nights at Buckingham Arena in Toronto for players who will be playing high-level Bantam, Midget or Junior next season. This is high-intensity training designed for players who want to be […]

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Say My Name

[ posted by Kim on 1st of March, 2017 ]

We all want our players to talk more out on the ice. Communication makes the game easier to play for everyone. We like it when the goalies give the Ds instruction on the breakout. It helps when the Ds are standing at the points in the offensive zone telling the forwards on the wall whether […]

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