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A Different Kind Of Scholarship

[ posted by Kim on 3rd of August, 2017 ]

I had a phenomenal college hockey experience. I found the perfect fit for me academically and athletically and my teammates have become lifelong friends. Some of us coach, many of us have kids (and hopefully future hockey players) and most of us are still involved in some way with the female game. One of those […]

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If You Want More, You Have To…

[ posted by Kim on 5th of July, 2017 ]

My family and I just returned from an amazing 2 month trip across Canada. We drove from Toronto all the way to Vancouver Island and back – we’re saving the east coast for our next big trip. It was 52 days total on the road with me, my husband and our 2 little ones. We […]

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Angles Not Dangles

[ posted by Kim on 22nd of June, 2017 ]

I have a confession to make. Back when I played college and pro hockey, I didn’t have any dangles. (Anyone who played with me or coached me back then who is reading this would be nodding their head knowingly after reading that line.) No toe drags, no cool flip-it-in-the-air moves (at least not that I […]

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