Your Speed Camp

 Are Your Players Ready To Take Their

Speed and Performance To The Next Level?


Now You Can Bring A
Total Female Hockey Speed Camp TO YOU.


Getting to the elite levels of girls’ hockey is all about BEING FIRST.


=>  First to the puck.
=>  First on the forecheck.
=>  Making that first save.

And in order to BE FIRST, you have to BE FAST.

Coach Kim McCullough, Director of Total Female Hockey, is proud to be offering a unique player development opportunity called the 

Total Female Hockey Speed Camp

for girls hockey players who are ready

to take their game to the next level.
This camp has been developed by Coach Kim, former elite women’s hockey player (NCAA & CWHL) and female player development specialist, to address the specific needs of girls’ hockey players
Speed Camp Speed Camp
 Total Female Hockey Director, Kim McCullough, training midget players (left) and atom players (right).


In this fast-paced, three-hour off-ice training session, players will learn exactly how to develop:


=>  Incredible first-step quickness
=>  Game-breaking agility
=>  Explosive starts
=>  Breakaway straight-line speed

Coach Kim has coached over 1500 players, from novice to National teams, on how to take their on-ice performance to the next level through off-ice speed development. 


Now is your chance to bring Kim and her speed camp to you.

 Due to the high demand for these camps, we cannot set up a Total Female Hockey Speed Camp without a guarantee of 30 players in attendance. We strongly encourage organizations interested in scheduling a Total Female Hockey Speed Camp to offer the program to their entire membership and to invite all coaches, parents and players to attend.
Give your players every opportunity
to separate themselves from the competition
and take their performance to the
next level.  

Total Female Hockey offers tiered pricing to encourage organizations to reach out to other local teams and nearby associations to give as many players as possible the opportunity to participate in the event



 41-60  $35
 60+  $30


50% of the anticipated cost is due one month in advance of the scheduled event and is non-refundable in event of a cancellation by the client.
The cost of travel and accommodation is not included in the above
and will be arranged with the event organizers as required. 

If you would like to bring a Total Female Hockey Speed Camp to your area this spring or summer, contact Kim as soon as possible as the available opportunities in the spring and summer fill up quickly.


Get ready to jump-start your players off-season
and have them at full-speed in time for the start of the season.




Contact Kim McCullough directly at:

   (416) 554-0720 or at

with the subject line,  "Speed Camp Event"
Get your players ready to GET FAST.

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