Speed Seminar

Who Else Wants To Discover Exactly What Girls Hockey Players Need To Take Their Speed and Performance To The Next Level?


You’ll get your chance at the

Girls Hockey Speed Secrets Seminar.  


My name is Kim McCullough and I wanted to invite you and your team to bring a Girls Hockey Speed Secrets Seminar to you. 


We both know that speed is by far the #1 weapon is girls’ hockey


But exactly how do you GET FAST? 


I figured this out the hard way. When I first started playing hockey at the age of 13, I was S-L-O-W.  It may have had something to do with the fact that I didn’t know how to skate and I was 25 pounds overweight, but I was basically a "human pylon".

After a few embarrassing season as a slow, fat, defenseman, I realized that if I wanted to get to the elite level of women’s hockey, I had to get a lot faster.  And although power skating lessons helped, nothing worked better than off-ice training.  Once I got stronger, faster, quicker and "fitter" off the ice, my speed and performance on the ice went through the roof. 

I’ve played elite women’s hockey player (NCAA, CWHL) for the last decade and have trained and consulted with over 1500 female hockey players and 300 coaches, from novice to national teams, on and off the ice with my company, Total Female Hockey.

There is no doubt in my mind that speed “kills” in girls’ hockey…
And off-ice training is the best way to build speed.


That’s why I am offering you the opportunity to bring a Speed Secrets Seminar to you. 



In this one-hour seminar, I am going to show you…

=>  3 Simple Off-Ice Tests Players Can Do To See If They Have What It Takes To Become The Fastest Female Hockey Player Possible

=>  How To Develop The 3 Critical Components of Hockey Speed Without Stepping On The Ice

You’ll discover exactly what it takes to develop incredible first-step quickness, game-breaking agility, explosive starts and breakaway speed. 

PLUS you’ll have the chance to ask any question you might have about what it takes to get to the next level of hockey performance on and off the ice. 

These seminars are open to all girls’ hockey parents, coaches and players of all ages.
=>  To sign-up for your Speed Secrets Seminar:

Email me directly at kim@totalfemalehockey.com 
with the subject, “Speed Secrets Seminar”


NOTE:  Please include your name, team and proposed seminar date in the body of the email. 
I will email you back directly to discuss the details.



Get ready to GET FAST.



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