8 Secrets To Scoring More Goals

[ posted by Kim on 9th of December, 2017 ]

Goal scoring is something that is lacking across all levels of
girls’ hockey.  Quite often, girls are more concerned with making
one more pass or picking the perfect spot to shoot instead of just
getting the puck to the net.  Here are some basic tips for goal
scoring that I share with my rep teams and hopefully help you and
your players to put more pucks in the net as we get into the playoffs.

1) Finish Every Puck – in practice, finish all your rebounds in the
back of the net or at least get a follow up shot.  It might make
the goalies a little mad – but it will definitely help you score
more goals in games.

2) Be Willing To Pay The Price – Games are won and lost in the
battles in front of the net. Drive the net and create traffic. I
often tell my players to “snow” the goalie’s pads every time they
drive the net.  Make sure not to do this after the whistle though.
I also teach them to be a “leaky” goalie which means that when they
are trying to screen the goalie and tips pucks, they need to square
up to the shot as if they are playing goalie, and then let the puck
go through.

3) Shoot Like You Mean It – Stop trying to feather the puck into a
small little corner of the net.  Pound it in like you’re trying to
shoot it through the back of the net.

4) Show Your Blade – Whenever you are in the scoring area, move
yourself into a position where the passer can see your forehand.
You want your blade to be perpendicular to the direction the puck
is traveling so that it’s easier to see and easier to get a quick
shot off.

5) Be Patient – Let’s be clear…you want to shoot when you are in
the scoring area.  But remember that goalies can usually make the
first save if there isn’t traffic.  So if you’re driving wide and
no one is coming with you on the rush, don’t just wire the puck on
net.  Be patient – delay, carry it behind the net – and make sure
that your shot has a net drive going after the rebound. In this
case, you want to be shooting for the far pad or 5 hole.

6) Have A Sense of Urgency – I know…I just told you to be
patient.  But when you’re in tight and you get the puck in the
slot, you don’t have time.  You need to get your body and stick in
a position where you can fire the puck quickly.  Make sure you are
over top of the puck and shoot it as hard as you can.

7) Get Your Head Up – it always helps to know where you are shooting 🙂
Once you are a good enough shooter to pick your spots, you need to
get your head up and focus on being more deceptive.  Look at spot
you want to shoot – and pass it to the back door instead.  Look at
the person you want to pass to – and snipe it off the far post and
in instead.   Girls hockey players need to be a lot more deceptive
– which means that every player on the ice needs to be ready to
receive the puck at ALL times.

8) Believe It – Everyone is a goal scorer.  Scoring goals is a
mindset.  They don’t need to be pretty, they just have to go in.
When you start to think you are a goal scorer, you act like one and
then all of a sudden, you are one.

I hope that helps you and your team put a few more pucks in this season.

Work Hard. Dream BIG. Shoot More.

Your friend and coach,


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